The U.S. Army has developed special protection for service dogs

War Working Dogs have long been a full-fledged member of the US Army. They guard military installations and even participate in special forces operations. Therefore, the US Army has made special efforts to protect its combat assistants. The new technology, known as CAPS, is designed to protect the hearing organs of service dogs in harsh combat conditions so they don't go deaf.

Dogs, like humans, in a combat environment have to deal with loud, harsh sounds of explosions and shots that exceed safety margins many times over. But if the ears of military personnel have long been reliably protected, then they remembered about dogs only recently, although their hearing is much sharper than human.

Existing remedies for dogs are just adapted human earplugs. The new system, developed by the US Army, is a hat that is worn over a dog's ears like a hood.

According to the Pentagon's daily Stars and Stripes, the headgear is more than 2.5 cm thick. It is made of lightweight, acoustic absorbent materials that block unwanted sounds. The flexible system fits snugly around the head like a hoodie and forms a seal around the ears.

The protective headgear is a joint development of ARL, Zeteo Tech and the US Army Research Laboratory. It is complemented by special glasses that do not limit the dog's ability to work in small spaces.