BAE Systems has developed augmented reality glasses for the military

British defense company BAE Systems has unveiled a prototype of a new lightweight augmented reality (AR) headset the size of regular glasses, the development of which began in 2017. The novelty is intended for the needs of the army.

Initially, the headset display was monochrome, but now it is full color, more compact, lighter and balanced in weight, which makes it much more comfortable for extended wear.

Because AR goggles are manufactured to military standards, they are designed for use in harsh environments and can be worn with a helmet. The headset has a field of view of 40 x 30 degrees, as well as an increased focal length of the display to relieve stress from the user's eyes. In addition, it supports the operation of systems of "transparent" armor, allowing the operator to "see" through the skin of the combat vehicle.

According to BAE experts, AR-glasses have a bright display, the characters on which are clearly visible in the sun. The goggles are very compact, which, for example, allows the ship's officers to move around the ship and at the same time monitor its work. It provides an accurate display of superimposed information, thanks to an improved head tracking system.

BAE Systems considers the current version of the glasses to be the last test model before going into series production.