The ear canal could be a new method of biometric identification

A well-known provider of information technology, the Japanese company NEC Corporation has developed a new biometric identification system by resonating sound in the ear cavity. According to the creators of the technology, the recognition accuracy is close to 100%.

The system does not require scanning. It includes headphones with a built-in microphone for receiving and identifying sounds, which makes it possible to use it while driving or while working. The new biometric system measures personal acoustic characteristics within a second. As it turned out, human ear cavities are as individual as fingerprints and retinas.

The system transmits several hundred millisecond audio signals from the speaker headphones to the ear, and the built-in microphone picks up the reflected signals. After that, by the method of synchronous addition, the average value of the amplitude of the received signal is calculated and extraneous noise is removed. Then it is determined how the sound resonates in the ear cavity.

In the course of experiments, it was found that there are two types of signals when sound passes through the ear. In the first case, the signals pass through the external auditory canal and then are reflected from the eardrum. And in the second, the signals pass through the eardrum and are reflected within the inner part of the ear.

According to experts, this type of biometric identification has good prospects for fraud prevention.