Created a realistic VR simulator for training firefighters

Fighting fires is inherently dangerous, so training is always risky and costly. It is still difficult to organize it correctly. You can't just set fire to the building and send an unqualified team to extinguish it. Modeling is a decent alternative, but lacks realism. For more accurate and easy training of firefighters, a new virtual reality simulator "FLAIM Trainer" has been developed. It consists of an HTC Vive VR headset, a haptic device, and a vest that tracks the user's vital signs.

The system allows you to track the position and movement of objects and copy them into the virtual world. After installing the sensors on the fire hose, trainee firefighters can extinguish virtual fires using real equipment. A window into this virtual world is the HTC Vive headset with a set of breathing apparatus for realism. A haptic feedback system in the hose simulates the force of water flow. Protective clothing has thermal packs built into it that heat up when the user is confronted with a virtual fire.

In the new version, the system allows you to operate with arrays of information. The handicap vest measures the user's electrocardiogram results and records this data in a database. They can be stored locally or in the cloud. This helps instructors track the level of training of trainees.