KOR-FX gaming vest: a new virtual reality experience

Most modern computer games are a bizarre combination of visual and sound effects that are getting more sophisticated and sophisticated every year. However, this was not enough for the young physicist Shahriyar Afshar, and he decided to supplement virtual reality with quite real physical, tactile sensations.

Over time, his bold idea was embodied in the KOR-FX gaming vest, which, being connected to a game console or computer with a wireless dongle, “rebroadcasts” the sound “image” of the game directly to the gamer's body using two sensors mounted in the front of the vest.

Something similar, only in the form of visual effects, can be experienced using Oculus Rift glasses. Fans of all kinds of "shooters" experience a special drive, when each of them can feel the atmosphere of the battle literally on their own skin.

The vest is very comfortable and will suit anyone who wishes to wear it. It is equipped with a wireless interface and the control buttons are located on the chest plates. At the same time, too dangerous vibrations, for example, the explosions of bombs are muffled. But, listening to your favorite music with the help of a unique gadget, you get a previously unknown pleasure, which, by the way, is quite affordable. The KOR-FX vest only costs $ 150.