New technology will convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into valuable carbon nanotubes

The purification of gases before being released into the atmosphere brings only indirect profit, and therefore this direction is not developing on such a large scale as the interests of the environment require. But what if businesses have the incentive to make money out of thin air? More precisely, dirty air, resulting in a very expensive technological product.

An initiative that emerged from the XPrize Challenge offers an easy way to recycle CO 2. If you take lithium carbonate Li 2 CO 3 and heat up to 723 ° C, then when the salt melts, lithium dioxide Li 2 O, oxygen and carbon will be released. Oxygen will settle on the aluminum anode in the molecular form O 2, and carbon on the iron cathode in the form of nanotubes. The dioxide reacts with CO 2 in the air, extracting carbon and oxygen from it, and again turns into salt, which is suitable for further processing.

The scheme is clear, the question is about investment - it is necessary that specific companies begin to invest in solving various organizational problems of the new technology. Among them, for example, the rapid mixing of the catalyst and the salt, due to which bubbles-voids are formed, which interfere with the formation of nanotubes and they turn out to be too large, “non-marketable” diameter. The longer the salt is heated, the worse the quality, but it is also unprofitable to turn on and off such an installation constantly.

Calculations show that if we take the conditional average indicators, then the cost of processing carbon dioxide will be half the cost of carbon nanotubes, which will be obtained at the output. True, you still need to find a buyer for them, but still there is a profitable direction for business, which will help solve several serious problems facing humanity at once.