CARBiNX system will make money on carbon dioxide

In Calgary, Canada, a startup CleanO2 installed its 14th CARBiNX system and awarded a contract to build hundreds of similar devices. It is a machine for converting carbon dioxide into potassium carbonate, which turns harmful emissions into valuable raw materials. CleanO2 founder Jason Cardiff expects up to 1, 000 of these machines will be in operation in Calgary and Alberta by the end of 2020.

Cardiff invented CARBiNX a decade ago, but only recently finalized the device to a commercial version. It is connected to objects where fuel is burned and carbon dioxide is formed, for example, to boiler houses of residential complexes. CARBiNX absorbs CO2, removes carbon from it using potassium hydroxide, resulting in the formation of potassium carbonate and neutral water. Both are valuable raw materials for modern industry.

Installation CARBiNX

Potassium is sold to factories producing soaps, fertilizers, plastics, concrete, etc., with CleanO2, as a manufacturer of CARBiNX units, receiving a share of the sales. The consumer, in addition to cleaning emissions and income from the sale of potassium, also receives a certain amount of free heat. It is formed during chemical reactions and can be used to heat water in the same building and other domestic needs.

This is the appeal of CARBiNX technology - it allows everyone to make a little money on the socially beneficial cause of reducing emissions into the atmosphere. By the end of this year, 40 more units will be operational, while CleanO2 managers are negotiating with customers in Ireland, Japan and Spain.

Potassium carbonate soap