Innovative Fresh Water Extraction Plant Receives $ 1.5 Million From XPrize Fund

Two years ago, the Xprize Revolutionary Innovation Award announced a competition to design the best ambient water recovery plant. The prize fund was $ 1.5 million. Out of almost a hundred participants representing 25 countries, five projects reached the final.

According to the terms of the competition, the winner was to be the one who would create an installation with a capacity of 2, 000 liters of water per day, operating exclusively from renewable energy sources. In this case, the cost of a liter produced should not exceed two cents. By the end of September, two winners had been identified with ready-to-use prototypes - Skysource / Skywater Alliance and JMCC WING.

Skysource / Skywater Alliance Project

The best performance was demonstrated by the Skysource / Skywater Alliance group - the unit produces from 113 to 1335 liters per day. Its developers have every reason to receive prize money of 1.5 million dollars. In second place is the JMCC WING installation. It is an atmospheric water harvester powered by a powerful wind power unit, which ensures the minimum cost of producing a liter of water. XPrize rated the creative efforts of its creators second place and a prize of $ 150, 000.

Installing JMCC WING