The impact of tourism on the Earth's climate turned out to be four times greater than previously thought

Researchers at Nature Climate Change have updated the global travel industry's carbon footprint. It turned out that he was monstrously underestimated and at least four times more than previously thought. The total volume of carbon dioxide emissions in this area is about 1/12 of the total amount of greenhouse gases in the world.

Previously, when calculating CO 2, only emissions from tourist air travel were taken into account. Now this data has been added to emissions into the atmosphere during the construction and maintenance of tourist facilities, from all types of transfers, from the production of souvenirs, food products and the production of promotional products. Even alcohol and selfies at the resort indirectly increase these indicators - you need to generate electricity for your smartphone and recycle bottles.

The latest accurate calculations use the indicators of 2013, from which it follows that the global tourism industry generated 4.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This exceeds 8% of all annual air emissions, but since then tourism has become even more in demand, which led to an increase in emissions by 40%. And by 2025 it will be about 6.5 billion tons of CO 2.

Worst of all, the two methods of reducing emissions proposed by the UN have failed. Tourists were advised to rest at home, not travel far and use public transport. And tourism organizations - to invest in energy-saving technologies and programs to clean up emissions. No one has shown excessive zeal in implementing these methods on a global scale.