New flexible batteries can be made at home

Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology have joined the ranks of Stanford University scientists and engineers at LG by creating their own prototype flexible battery cells. They are intended for use in electronic devices with flexible displays and can be made at home.

Each battery consists of a flexible plastic substrate impregnated with electro-active ingredients, including carbon nanotubes and microparticles. Microparticles can be from zinc with the addition of manganese dioxide for the manufacture of alkaline batteries, and from lithium salts for the manufacture of lithium batteries.

“Batteries manufactured using the new technology can be made in completely different sizes, both as small as a pin needle and as large as a living room carpet. Nothing stands in the way of creating a battery that can be rolled up and carried in your hands, ”says Somenat Mitra, the project's lead scientist.

Another interesting feature of the new batteries may be the ability for consumers to make batteries on their own, for specific tasks. Using a special set, it will be enough to fill the space between two sheets of plastic with a special electrode paste.