Artificial heart transplanted in France

Last week in Paris, a team of 16 French surgeons performed the world's first artificial heart. She went well and the 75-year-old patient, according to doctors, is already on the mend.

The operation took place on December 18 this year at the Georges Pompidou Hospital. The heart transplanted to an elderly man was developed by the biomedical company Carmat in cooperation with specialists from the European Aerospace and Defense concern. And, according to the developers, this is the most perfect artificial heart. It will allow you to completely replace the heart until a donor organ is found. Its service life is at least five years.

The artificial heart weighs about 900 grams. Autonomous work is provided by an external battery, which must always be with the patient. The organ is equipped with several sensors that regulate blood flow, and its individual parts are made of natural calfskin.

It should be noted that the cost of an artificial heart is quite high - about 140-180 thousand euros. But it will give hope for the lives of thousands of patients with serious heart defects.