The second case of HIV healing was officially recorded in the world

Adam Castillejo

After the next, the most extensive and detailed series of tests, the body of 40-year-old patient Adam Castillejo (Adam Castillejo) was recognized as completely cleared of HIV. The studies took place 30 months after the completion of the experimental treatment, which allows doctors to conclude that there is no recession, in this particular case, the disease has been defeated.

Adam Castillejo contracted HIV in 2003 and only in 2012 began taking drugs to control the virus. But it was too late, less than a year later, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, an incurable form of cancer. Doctors managed to stabilize Adam's condition and in 2016 performed a bone marrow transplant from special donors. This is an extremely small group of carriers of the natural genetic mutation that prevents the spread of HIV.

Timothy Brown, nicknamed the "Berlin Patient", received a similar method of treatment before him, but doctors insist that the very term "treatment" is completely inappropriate here. It would be more accurate to say that both Brown and Castillejo narrowly escaped death. In fact, both were faced with a choice: 100% death from cancer a little later, or 10% or higher risk of death from complications from bone marrow transplantation now. Both are fortunate, but no doctor will take responsibility to recommend this method as a method of treating a wide range of patients with HIV. For death, terrible and painful, is inevitable.

Moreover, the last examination of Castillejo showed the presence in his body of many "debris" - fragments of the virus, unable to reproduce. But it is also incorrect to call them completely destroyed, Adam's immune system did not fulfill its task by 100%. All this leads doctors to where it began - they need to conduct further research and look for ways to create a real medicine.