New blood test method detects cancer in 10 minutes

Currently, cancer detection requires the patient to undergo costly invasive tissue harvesting procedures that doctors believe may be affected by malignant cells. After that, for several more days the patient is in a state of painful waiting for the results of the analysis.

Researchers at the Australian University of Queensland have developed a test that is not only cheaper than all the existing ones, but also shorter in duration - it takes only 10 minutes.

Scientists have found that the DNA of healthy and cancer cells interacts differently with metal surfaces, in particular with gold nanoparticles.

The analysis is as follows. First, the gold nanoparticles are mixed with water, giving it a pink color, after which a blood sample is placed there. If DNA of a malignant cell is present in it, then blood molecules, sticking to gold particles, will leave the color of water unchanged. If the water turns blue, then the patient is healthy.

The test has already shown 90% efficiency on a sample of 200 analyzes performed. Its undoubted advantages are efficiency and the absence of the need to use sophisticated modern equipment. And yet, to confirm the universality of this technique, it will take some time for additional research.