Gastric bypass surgery relieves diabetes up to 70% of patients

A study of nearly 1000 gastric bypass grafts has shown a clear impact on type 2 diabetes. In about three quarters of the cases, remission occurred and the patients stopped experiencing negative symptoms. But why is this happening, and is it worth recommending such an operation as a treatment for diabetes?

In fact, the rate of recovery from type 2 diabetes is even higher in those who underwent gastric bypass surgery - almost 90%. 70% are those who developed remission in the first 12 months and successfully lasted for 5 years or more. And these are mainly people under the age of 40, with older people everything looks a little less optimistic.

Briefly, the official conclusion of the scientists sounds like this: each case is unique, but there is also a powerful unifying factor. This is a radical weight loss that is due to changes in the diet of people who have undergone surgery.

After gastric bypass surgery, former gluttons almost always dramatically change their behavior and go on a diet, moreover, from healthy food. The body is undergoing a global "restructuring" for the better, which affects metabolism, homeostasis and assimilation of nutrients. However, exactly the same thing happens and if a person simply begins to lose weight, of his own free will, without surgery, diabetes recedes. This means that the matter is not in bypass surgery, but in behavioral factors - but if the case is neglected, it is probably possible to recommend surgery as a radical means of combating not only overweight, but also diabetes.