If the glaciers of the Arctic and Greenland melt, then the fate of Atlantis awaits London

Having studied in detail the data of the US Geological Survey, the artist Jeffrey Lynn has compiled detailed maps of London, from which it is clear that if the processes of melting of the glaciers of the Arctic and Greenland do not slow down, then London will repeat the fate of Atlantis.

Alas, there is every reason for such a gloomy forecast. According to the US Geological Survey, over the past 100 years, the Earth has become 1 degree warmer on average, largely due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This can lead to the fact that by 2100 the glaciers of Iceland will decrease by 40%, and in another 100 years they will completely disappear, which will lead to a rise in the world ocean level by 40 and 80 meters, respectively.

As a result, most of London will go under water, from which only the highest points will remain - Hampstead Heath, Hill and part of Crystal Palace. The capital of Great Britain will not be saved even by a powerful protective dam at the mouth of the Thames, which protects the city from disastrous tides.

No less dramatic is the fate of New York, where the sea level has risen by more than 30 cm since 1900. According to forecasts, by 2050, the water will rise by almost 53 cm, and by 2080 - by almost a meter. Large areas of Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx will be flooded.