Methane leak found in Antarctic bottom - and this is very bad

Alarming news - at the bottom near Antarctica, scientists for the first time recorded an active leak of methane, a greenhouse gas that affects global warming much more than carbon dioxide. This conclusion based on the report of the group of scientists was published on Tuesday in the journal of the Royal Society of London - Proceedigs of the Royal Society.

The methane leak also seriously worries scientists due to the fact that there are not enough microorganisms in this region that consume the gas before it enters the atmosphere. The leak was first discovered in 2011, and only five years later, microorganisms filtering methane appeared next to it. However, judging by the fact that gas does get into the atmosphere, their efforts are not enough.

According to scientists, under the ice of the Antarctic seas, up to a quarter of the earth's reserves of methane are contained, and its leakage will significantly accelerate the melting of ice and an increase in global temperatures.

It also follows from the report that the results obtained expand the understanding of how methane is consumed and released in Antarctica, about which almost nothing was previously known.

Unfortunately, it is not known when scientists will have the opportunity to return to Antarctica to continue research. The coronavirus pandemic has confused all plans for the years ahead.