German Researchers Prove Coffee Can Repair Heart Muscles

A group of researchers from Germany found that a moderate saturation of the body with caffeine helps to restore the heart muscles. They made this conclusion based on the results of a large-scale study of 218 tests and experiments. It was carried out for a year and a half and showed that coffee drinkers have a 19% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases than people who deliberately ignore this drink.

As it turned out, caffeine improves the functional capacity of endothelial cells, the state of which directly affects the work of the heart. The more these cells are degraded, the higher the risk of coronary artery disease, hypertension and diabetes. The appearance of caffeine in the body induces the mitochondrial protein p27, which is responsible for the migration and renewal of endothelial cells. More caffeine - more active protein - better cell function - healthier blood vessels and heart muscles.

To study this mechanism, German scientists took a motley ensemble of experimental mice - fat, old, diabetics, hypertensive, etc. They were given various doses of caffeine to analyze the condition of the heart muscles. Not everyone was cured, but it was experimentally found that the rate of coffee for the preventive effect of the heart is equivalent to 4-5 cups for a person.

Scientists are asked not to take the research results as a direct guide to action. While stimulating the activity of the p27 protein has been shown to be potentially beneficial for more than just treating cardiovascular disease, this does not mean that excess caffeine bodes well for you. The mechanism of this effect is now known, but as for the details and side effects, more research is needed. Therefore, as always - moderation is important in all things!