Chili Pepper Fat Burner Successfully Passes First Trials

The University of Wyoming Department of Pharmacy conducted research on the use of capsaicin (a substance extracted from hot peppers) to burn fat in the body of living things. Their conclusion is that such a "medicine" can be created, although it will not become a panacea for extremely fast weight loss. The whole question is how to use it: with food, in the form of tablets or direct injection.

Capsaicin is known to be responsible for the pungent taste of chili peppers, but scientists have found that it is able to excite receptors in more than just the human mouth. We are talking about TRPV1, which are found in large quantities in fat cells and, when activated, cause them to burn energy stores, rather than store them. However, in its pure form, capsaicin is toxic and promises a lot of side effects, therefore, a working drug "Metabocin" was created on its basis.

Studies in fatty mice have shown that Metabocin is effective in promoting weight loss, increasing insulin sensitivity, and stimulating brown fat thermogenesis. The observations went on for eight months in a row and did not reveal any serious deviations, the experimental mice consistently lost weight and did not complain about their well-being. The next step is the preparation of human trials, for which scientists are looking for sponsors and, more importantly, volunteers.

The study authors warn that simply adding hot sauces to your diet will not help you lose weight. Chili is a good seasoning, but it doesn't activate the fat-burning mechanism by itself. Moreover, for greater effectiveness, capsaicin and metabocin are best injected directly into adipose tissue in the form of injections, but this is the subject of further research.