Oxford doctors officially recognized honey as the best medicine for coughs and colds

Back in 2018, the UK Ministry of Health officially updated its recommendations, in which honey was named the preferred drug for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. Moreover, at the same time, a provision was made to the recommendation that required doctors to use honey as a priority, putting it higher than antibiotics. And now all these recommendations have received official confirmation in the course of a large-scale clinical study conducted by the University of Oxford.

Food has been known for thousands of years, but only in recent years has it begun to be considered as an alternative to antibiotics for the destruction of pathogenic microflora. The reasons lie on the surface - every year more and more antibiotic-resistant strains appear. Therefore, scientists are looking for everything that can, if not replace antibiotics, then at least reduce the dependence of medicine on them.

The new study was conducted in 14 clinics across Britain, using honey as both a basic treatment and an add-on, and a range of uses ranged from placebo therapy to antihistamine replacement. In all cases, except for use as a placebo, honey has been shown to be more effective than traditional medicines. The problem with placebo is that there is little data from which it is impossible to conclude whether the healing came from the general "level of euphoria" or specifically from the food in the diet of patients. But the recommendation to give patients honey before taking antibiotics is now officially legalized.