A website has been launched where you can be alone

The Internet must be free, open and accessible to everyone. But at least one person does not think so. We are talking about the creator of an exclusive website that is available to only one visitor.

Conceived by the creator of "the most exclusive site", and part-time designer Justin Foley, this web portal gives anyone who wants to be alone on the Internet for a minute. True, before that you have to wait for your turn. To do this, go to www.mostexclusivewebsite.com and be patient.

We add that the "most exclusive site" was launched back in March 2015, but gained popularity on the Web this week, after the publication of a small note on the Reddit portal. According to Foley, about 300, 000 people tried to visit the site since June 30, but only 55, 000 of them managed to do so.

To be honest, during the preparation of this news we did not manage to wait for our turn to be alone on the “most exclusive site”. And those who have the patience can not only be alone for 60 seconds, but also leave a message that all site visitors will see.