Experiment "BeeMe" will entrust the fate of a real person to Internet users

Nicollo Pesketelli, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, launches a daring social experiment on Halloween night. According to the scenario of the "BeeMe" project, a real, living person will be trapped in a fictional evil artificial intelligence. It will be necessary to help him to be saved, and anyone can take part in this - which will become the main problem.

A website has been created for BeeMe, where what is happening with the hero is broadcast live, first-person view. Any user can go to the site and give him advice, order, just tease. When the actor playing the victim needs to take the next big step, a crowd of users throws a blitz vote to choose a team for him. The actor will not follow completely absurd or dangerous instructions, however, no one controls the decisions of users in any way, except for themselves.

Pescetelli notes that the Internet is full of examples when a mass of people gathers chaotically, but quickly begins to coordinate their actions if you need to achieve some common goal. This is the main goal of the experiment: to check whether a group of random people can organize in the name of a good goal and achieve it, having no means of influencing each other, except for the power of persuasion. In real life, you can bang your fist on the table, but here if 99 people discuss tactics, and 1 scribble verses of unknown poets into a general chat, no one can interfere with him.

The authors of the project hardly count on a successful result, the salvation of the victim, although they do not exclude such a development of events. It is not even the result that is more interesting, but the actions of people, their motivation and the change of priorities as the situation develops. Will they lose heart from failures, will they be able to curb trolls and pranksters, or will they simply get bogged down in quarrels until someone more cunning takes over control? Let's see it on Wednesday October 31st at 11:00 p.m. ET.