World of Warcraft gives players a 100% XP bonus during quarantine

Quarantined people will be spending their time on the Internet and online gambling, so why not give them a little bonus motivator for the enforced but useful self-isolation? To this end, Blizzard's World of Warcraft administration has launched a global event called "Winds of Wisdom".

The essence of the promotion is that for the period from March 20 to April 20, all players receive a 100% increase in experience while performing in-game actions. This is a doubled pumping speed, a decrease in the time for completing some quests, an opportunity to try out options that previously did not have enough time and energy to open. The buff will apply to all players who purchase the Battle for Azeroth, Legion Expansion Packs, or the Starter Edition Base Pack. But this does not apply to hardcore players from World of Warcraft Classic servers - lovers of the classics did not begin to upset with accelerated pumping.

Quarantine, which has been introduced in many countries, has become a powerful incentive for increasing activity in the online space. Similar bonuses have appeared in many major MMO games, while others have lowered prices for premium content for players or made it temporarily free.