The WindowSwap project will turn your computer into a window in a different world

Some of us are fortunate to have a home with a beautiful view from the window, which makes it easier to endure the hardships of self-isolation. Some were less fortunate. But there is a salvation for them too - the new WindowSwap project allows you to look out of the windows of other houses scattered around the globe.

WindowSwap is a project created during quarantine by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnava Balasubramanyam. It will allow you to turn your browser into a real window in another city or country. With its help, you can admire the rain in Thailand, the sun-drenched fields in Austria, the mountain peaks of Switzerland, a crowded street in London, the ocean in Japan and many other equally picturesque places.

All video frames are pre-recorded and provided by users. The project asks everyone to submit a 10-minute HD video showing the window and its frame - as well as the name and country of residence of the sender.

WindowSwap has met with a lot of Internet users. It allows people locked in self-isolation to share their favorite view with those who are deprived of it (or are simply tired of looking at the same picture outside the window). At the same time, by no means all videos strive to show something exceptionally beautiful. Many are simply trying to showcase the daily life of the people of another country. For example, a video from Shanghai, China shows a narrow street between houses and a man hanging clothes. The camera in another footage from London focuses on the cacti that stand in the window, while the trees in the background remain blurred.