DrawBo little robot butterfly teaches children how to draw step by step

Modern children spend a lot of time in front of gadget screens, so when it comes to drawing, it is better to distract yourself and take real pencils and a sheet of paper. This is the concept behind DrawBo, a wall-mounted robot designed to teach kids the basics of drawing.

To activate the robot, you need to hang a piece of paper, a whiteboard or other drawing surface on the wall, and then glue the two adhesive hooks supplied in the set on top of both sides. There is a round hole in the body of a butterfly-shaped robot - you need to insert a pencil or marker there. The hooks are gripped by two looped cords, which are then pulled to the motorized reels inside the robot. By alternately pulling up and down on them, DrawBo moves vertically and horizontally along the surface, wielding its pen. Thus, the robot is able to create entire canvases, although it does not create very quickly - one line per movement.

The device pauses after each programmed stitch is completed, giving the student time to manually copy it to their own album. With the help of the companion app, parents can select an image from the library to draw, as well as adjust the pause times based on the student's age and skills. Alternatively, you can take over manual control, and then the robot will not move to the next line until it is asked to do so.

DrawBo was created by a team of engineers from California. Their track record includes jobs at companies such as Yahoo, Oracle and Microsoft. The robot artist is currently promoting on Kickstarter where a $ 149 bond can be deposited. The planned retail price is $ 200.