Adobe unveils two new tools for fantastic photo and video manipulation

In 2010, with the release of Photoshop CS5, Adobe showed the technology of “smart” search and removal of specific objects in the image. Instead of tedious fiddling with pixels, the user was able to remove an unwanted object from a photo or add an absent one with a couple of clicks. Now all this has reached a new level.

At Adobe MAX 2017, the company unveiled two smart tools that could shape the future of graphic editing. The ProjectCloak package edits video and animation, the SceneStitch system brings together images from thousands of different areas, creating a measure of surrealism.

The ProjectCloak tool selects and removes any moving object in the video, dynamically replacing the void with a perfectly matched background. The system analyzes the entire composition and takes into account what it looks like when the desired object is moving past. Or objects - a large amount of data is analyzed, but the result is impressive.

One of the drawbacks of tools for "smart editing" content is that they only work with what is given in the original image. SceneStitch allows you to insert a wide variety of images from the Adobe Stock library in place of the cut object. The AI ​​system does not always work perfectly accurately, so the last word remains with the user - the tool offers layout options, the designer chooses the best one.

Both tools will likely become available with the release of Adobe Creative Suite. In this connection, analysts predict an explosive growth of photo and video fakes - Adobe has created software that is perfectly suited for the installation of fakes. What will be the response of the digital world?