You can now get your very own Baby Yoda for just ... $ 350

The Sideshow Collection company announced that it is ready to offer a toy in the form of Baby Yoda, who conquered all Internet users - the character of the series The Mandalorian from the Star Wars movie saga. It can be yours for a modest sum ... $ 350.

Little Yoda stands out for his almost perfect resemblance to the on-screen character - from huge eyes to an adorable cannon on his head.

The “height” of Baby Yoda is 42 cm, he is 33 cm wide. The set also includes a black stand. The toy should be on sale between August and October this year.

The price of the toy at $ 350 is enchanting, but if you compare this figure with how much its screen prototype cost the authors of the series ($ 5 million), then the deal starts to seem even profitable.