Twitter bot saves the jungle of Borneo with strange tweets

Recently, a new "Existential Jungle Bot" appeared on Twitter, which looks like a parody and meaningless. He supposedly translates the sounds of various jungle inhabitants into human language. The problem is that the result is often nonsense, because neither birds nor animals are expressed as the heroes of Shakespeare or Tolstoy. But the bot itself is extremely interesting as part of a larger program.

Innovative engineer Sarab Sethi received the NETEXPLO Innovation Forum Award, one of ten awarded by UNESCO for “extreme interdisciplinary projects”. He became the ideological inspiration and the direct developer of the hardware part of the project for the study of the sounds of the forest. It is built at the intersection of machine learning, applied engineering and biology.

The most difficult, according to Sethi, was the creation of a complex for monitoring and recording sounds. The jungle resisted as best they could - orangutans broke strange boxes, ants ate the filling, moisture destroyed electronics, and reptiles interfered with equipment maintenance. As a result, a reliable receiver was nevertheless created and now work is underway to accumulate a database and recognize signals. The Twitter bot is a side advertising project of this program.

In fact, scientists do not care what the birds are talking about, they want to track the very fact of these conversations. After all, if everything is in order, then the forest is silent or buzzing busily. Researchers create acoustic profiles of different regions in different situations, so that later they can compare the latest data and draw a conclusion - what is happening in the forest? What became the source of anxiety, why individual living beings began to behave in an unusual way, what will this lead to? The jungle can warn about it long before the disaster, but you need to learn to "hear" their voices.