China equips prisons with artificial intelligence to spy on prisoners

If anyone in Yancheng Prison develops an escape plan, they should hurry. According to the South China Morning Post, in the coming months, a smart surveillance system will be installed here, which will monitor every step of the prisoners, including their presence in the cells.

According to representatives of the prison administration, the digital "guard" will work without interruption. The surveillance system, which consists of a network of cameras and sensors, is equipped with AI capable of recognizing people's faces and analyzing their movements. Every day, she will compile a report on literally every prisoner and identify any deviation in behavior.

For example, if it is recorded that a prisoner nervously walks back and forth around the cell for some time, the machine will regard this behavior as suspicious and report this to the administration, which will be obliged to take appropriate measures.

This initiative fits into the general course of the Chinese government to tighten control over its own citizens. Zhang Xuemin, professor of physiology at Beijing Normal University, noted that the toughening of the security regime through the introduction of "smart" electronics could negatively affect the mental state of some prisoners. Continuous monitoring can lead to the fact that Chinese prisons are more protected from escapes at the expense of the mental health of the prisoners themselves.