US police use copyright music to combat live broadcasts

An unusual incident occurred in Beverly Hills involving a local police officer. Vice video showed Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) Sergeant Billy Fair, not hiding his irritation, reprimands local activist Sennett Devermont for filming him and immediately uploading it to Instagram.

At some point, the sergeant takes out his smartphone and plays the song Sublime performed by the famous punk band Santeria. Later that day, another skirmish occurred between him and Devermont, during which he again turned on the music loudly.

Obviously, Billy Fair does this on purpose, in the hopes of causing the social network to resent the copyright infringement during the video broadcast of this episode. However, an Instagram spokesman soon told Vice that the social network does not prohibit the use of music unless it is "the main purpose of the video."

As a result, Vice nevertheless sided with Devermont, an activist from Los Angeles with three hundred subscribers, known for his broadcasts of various protests and communication with police representatives.

In turn, the leadership of the Beverly Hills police told reporters that it did not give recommendations to employees to use music when they were filmed, assuring that they would definitely study the material filmed by the blogger.