"Mini-Museum" will allow everyone to preserve a piece of world history

In 2014, Hans Fex and his friends launched a startup "Mini Museum" with a goal to raise only $ 38 thousand, and received $ 1.8 million! It turned out that, like himself in childhood, many people were carried away by the idea of ​​having in their personal collection real, genuine artifacts and curiosities from all over the world. And in order to make them accessible and not to risk the recognized values, the format of a compact storage - "Mini-Museum" was invented.

Not all shards or dinosaur bones found by archaeologists will be used for reconstruction - some of them will remain genuine, ancient, but still rubbish. As well as the wreckage after the disasters of unusual machines, by-products of experiments, just everyday things from the lives of famous people. And neither science, nor history, no one and nothing will suffer if you take a piece of Muhammad Ali's training punching bag or a couple of crumbs of soot from an ice core 3 million years old. It is from these little things with deep meaning that the storage facilities of the "Mini-museums" are filled.

The fourth version of such a "museum in a pocket" is a 13x10x2.5 cm acrylic plate, inside which 29 genuine curiosities are sealed. Most are just small pieces of matter, but what a! Here are the first amino acids in the Universe, and magma from the places of the most destructive eruptions in history, and ancient Egyptian beads, and the bones of an unknown predator of the Cretaceous period, and the very leather sheathing of a punching bag. Samples cannot be removed without destroying the vault, so it is designed to serve as a showcase for them at the same time.

Each Mini-Museum is handcrafted, laser-engraved with the signature of authenticity, a certificate and a microfiber storage pouch. In fact, such an object is itself an artifact, part of world history and culture, which is designed to last for centuries. That being said, each storage box costs only $ 299. A perfect gift for dreamers and collectors!