Damon Hypersport electric bike can now be used as a home battery

Mass electric transport has many more childhood illnesses, and the most capricious of them is electric motorcycles. They drive and waste energy too quickly, and therefore are used only for small trips, and most of the time is idle. Damon decided this was not sustainable and redesigned its Hypersport e-bike to act as a backup battery for the smart home.

The e-bike is declared compatible with the energy home systems Delta, Tesla and Wallbox. This is a significant contribution when you consider that the Damon Hypersport battery power is 21.5 kWh, while the Tesla Powerwall has only 13.5 kWh. Of course, the device will not be able to constantly supply electricity to the home network. But while it just stands idle in the garage, it represents a ready-to-use energy reserve equivalent to 3.3 kW through the AC system and up to 25 kW - DC.

Strictly speaking, Damon hasn't invented anything, because the car-to-home power transmission system appeared back in 2012 on the Toyota Prius. However, among electric motorcycle manufacturers, they are among the first to offer this service to their customers. It does not even require the purchase of additional components, it is enough to update the application and select a new motorcycle operating mode.

Damon's initiative could be indicative of a new concept for the use of electricity in private households. In this case, in addition to stationary batteries in the building, the capacity of all energy storage devices that the user can connect to the network is taken into account. And if he uses this resource, helping to smooth out the peaks of energy consumption in the city, then he receives preferences in the form of a flexible tariff for payment for electricity supplies. This will further stimulate the transition to electric vehicles, which will be beneficial, even when idle in the garage.