YouTube accidentally created the longest video in history

During its existence on YouTube, the Lofi hip-hop ChilledCow channel, operating in the Internet radio format, has gained considerable popularity - it has 4.4 million subscribers. ChilledCow's main specialty is continuous playback of light background music.

However, the unexpected happened last weekend - YouTube moderators mistakenly blocked ChilledCow. Later, the owner of the channel, Dmitry, received a notification from the media hosting about a violation of the terms of service.

In response, Dmitry launched a new stream, and the recording of the previous one automatically turned into one of the longest videos in YouTube history - more than 13, 000 hours - which was watched by 218 million video hosting users. The video is extremely simple and uncomplicated: the girl is leisurely doing her homework, sometimes glancing at the cat lying on the windowsill.

After Dmitry reported what had happened, the incident received an unexpected resonance - subscribers criticized the management of the video hosting. As a result, within a few hours, YouTube apologized to ChilledCow and the channel resumed broadcasting. As it turned out, the accidental blocking was caused by a technical error.