In Madagascar, found the remains of the ancestor of dinosaurs with a height of only 10 cm

Back in 1998, a vast area was found in the southwestern part of Madagascar with many fossils of various ancient creatures. Their study required a lot of work and time, but it also yielded interesting results. For example, scientists have discovered a new kind of dinosaur Kongonaphon kely, which means "tiny beetle slayer." The name was given because of its size and diet - this baby dinosaur was no bigger than a kitten.

Kongonaphon kely lived during the Triassic period, 237 million years ago, long before the era of the giant dinosaurs. However, he was part of the Ornithodir group, which belongs to the Archaeosaurs, and it is generally believed that it was in this group that the last common ancestors of the dinosaurs and Archaeosaurs were. Toddler Kongonaphon kely adds arguments for this theory.

The study of the remains showed that Kongonaphon kely's teeth have many marks from the splitting of the hard chitinous shells of insects. Not the best food, and therefore unclaimed by other archaeosaurs - this is how the tiny ancestor of dinosaurs took its convenient niche in the ecosystem. This became its evolutionary advantage, which was followed by others, such as the ability to run efficiently on two legs, the appearance of fluff and wool, the development of the ability to fly. All these are the merits of the distant descendants of Kongonaphon kely, but it was he, a tiny beetle exterminator, who laid the foundation of their family.

Comparative sizes of Kongonaphon kely and one of the early dinosaurs - Herrerasaurus