Mysterious metal monolith disappeared from a canyon in Utah

It seems that the story of the mysterious metal pillar in the desert of the American state of Utah has come to an end. If anything, this is how it is presented by officials from the State Bureau of Land Management, who have officially stated that the object has been removed. But where he went, who did it and why is still a mystery.

The position of the representatives of the authorities is extremely simple: "This is not us, but we are very glad that the subject of excitement has disappeared." A post in the official Facebook group says that this object was considered private property, and therefore, although it was installed illegally, we could not touch it. But on the evening of November 27 of this year, news came from an unspecified source - one or more people removed a strange object from the canyon in which it was located. The Bureau of Land Use considered this "reliable information" and calmed down.

Only a week has passed since the discovery of the "monolith", as it was called, but dozens, if not hundreds of people have already visited it, according to photos from social networks. The likelihood that someone dug up a large iron prism and took it away as a souvenir is not at all zero. This plays into the hands of the authorities, because the issue of finding the one who committed the offense and installed the object where it is impossible is automatically resolved. No object - no problem, and what it is and what it is for will probably remain a mystery.