ClipDrop app instantly transfers any items from the real world to the virtual

Despite the presence of excellent cameras and various sensors for scanning space in smartphones, today there are still few tools for quickly transferring objects from the real world to the virtual one. As a rule, for this you have to process the image in the editor in order to select the desired image. ClipDrop was created to solve this problem.

Although augmented reality itself is not new for a long time, there is an obvious lack of tools for working with it for applied purposes. ClipDrop was designed to address this deficit. It allows you to split the picture in the camera lens into different objects in real time, select a specific one, take a detailed photo of it and transfer it to the virtual desktop. Or to the editor, or any other application, with just a couple of clicks.

The main advantage of ClipDrop is in very accurate algorithms for "cutting" an object from a picture. With good lighting and contrasting images, the application determines the dimensions of the object extremely accurately and separates it from the background, without missing small details. The generated picture looks like a model drawn in the editor, and not part of a photo. In addition, the application can select text and read data from gadget screens.