There is a Youtube channel on which artificial intelligence plays death metal nonstop

Artificial intelligence can be a composer, but what direction of creativity will it choose? The brainchild of two experimental musicians CJ Carr and Zach Zhukovski, Dadabots composes death metal melodies with punk rock elements and electronic effects. You can listen to it on a separate YouTube channel.

CJ Carr and Zach Zhukovski have been looking for a harmonious form of expression for a neural recurrent network specializing in algorithmically generated music for a decade. This is much more complicated than it sounds - AI learns quickly, but is unable to understand why the result of its work cuts people's ears. If you allow him complete freedom of creativity, he will dock the fragments of melodies as he pleases, which will create complete chaos.

As a result, the musicians had to choose the direction of heavy metal and punk rock, since sharp and unexpected acoustic effects and a rough, ragged rhythm of melodies sound quite organically here. The distortions that AI impose on voices are also in place - growling, hissing and other "infernal" sounds. And the neural network itself generates names for its compositions and selects pictures for album covers.

The result of the experimenters' work was the Dadabots system, which was trained on the work of the Canadian musical group Archspire. The neural network has learned to generate quite harmonious, although not always pleasant to the ear, melodies with a monotonous song recitative.