A new ocean is forming in Africa right now

Geological scientists report that after about 5-10 million years, the tectonic plates that form Africa will disperse, as a result of which it will split in two, and a giant crack will fill the ocean.

Already, in the Afar region of Ethiopia, there is a slow separation of the Arab, Nubian and Somali tectonic plates and the formation of an extensive fault. The beginning of the process was recorded 15 years ago, when a giant 56-kilometer crack formed here.

The beginning of the formation of a new ocean will provide geologists with a unique opportunity to learn how such a tectonic rift is formed. Although the continental plates are in constant motion, scientists are still at a loss as to the reason for the spread of these three specific plates.

Most likely, the main reason for the fracture that has begun is the increasing pressure of magma rising from the bowels. Time will tell whether it is so or not.