How to build a road around the planet

The 20th century has shown that although a person cannot build almost everything he wants, he is able to implement large-scale projects, such as a network of roads across the entire continent. You don't have to go far for examples - the Russian BAM, American highways, the Gotthard tunnel, the bridge over the Jiaozhou Bay. Why not go further and build a road around the world? Media company RealLifeStories decided to investigate this issue.

Problem # 1 - how to get across the Atlantic Ocean? In principle, there are no bottlenecks here, therefore, according to the conceptual design, the world highway will be open-ended. It begins in the Chilean town of Punta Arenas, in the very south of South America, passes through North America, then to Siberia, from there to Europe and down to Africa, up to Cape Town. Sorry Australians, you are objectively overboard.

The most difficult thing will be to cross the Bering Strait, although it is narrow, but the climatic conditions here are extremely harsh. However, you can also dig a tunnel, all the same investments in such a project will be outrageous. But what about the "Darien Gap", a region on the border of Colombia and Panama, where the final section of the Pan American Highway has not been built for the second decade? Jungle, bandits, difficult ecology and other problems make it very difficult to build at least something permanent here.

Another stumbling block may be the choice of the entry point for the round-the-world road to Africa. Paving the way through the Strait of Gibraltar for the highway to pass through developed Europe? Or save money and bypass the highway through Suez, where the crossing was built long ago? In any case, the length of the road around the world will be about 52 thousand km, and if you move along it at an average speed of 80 km / h, then it will be possible to drive from start to finish in a month. Great idea on how to spend your vacation!