Owleez strange toy - a hybrid of Tamagotchi and a helicopter

The idea of ​​a toy in the form of a pet, with which you can not only play, but also take care of it, has remained in demand for decades. The only difference is in performance - the modern "tamogochi" has dozens of sensors and reacts to touches, movements, recognizes the speech and the image of its owner. The developers of Owleez Spin Master went even further and managed to implement this concept on the basis of a training multicopter.

Owleez looks and behaves like a toy owlet. But he has propeller wings, thanks to which the toy can fly. The task is to "educate" the pet and "teach" him to do this, for which you will have to perform the ritual first of a caring nurse, and then a mentor. In particular, Owleez responds well to the nature of touch and can easily distinguish between scratching and poking with a finger, and he does not like rudeness at all.

While the owlet is "small" and timid, it needs to be comforted, put to bed, fed with artificial berries and allowed to gain strength. When "grows up" - it is necessary to carry on hands, to acquaint with the world around and persuade to fly. The method “throw it out of the nest, and then instincts will work” will not work, the toy will break, so you have to be patient. And yes, Owleez will absolutely not want to fly out of the wrong hands.

The owlet's wings are made of soft materials and do not threaten human health in an accident. Owleez is not capable of aerobatics, all the joy is already in the fact that the pet flew. Its socket serves as a docking station at the same time. The price of the toy is only $ 50, and there is a real chance that the unusual approach to creating a "21st century Tamagotchi" will make it a hit of the season.