Smart socks will help you in sports

In the family of "smart" things there is a replenishment. American company Sensoria Fitness has launched smart socks. The goal of this project is to help everyone who runs to avoid possible injuries in training and competition and to achieve higher performance. In the future, we are all waiting for the emergence of a new type of clothing with computer functions.

At first glance, a "smart" sock is not much different from a normal one. It can even be washed and dried. The highlight lies in a special electronic bracelet, which is magnetically attached to the cuff of the sock.

The attached bracelet records all the parameters of a running athlete - length and cadence, pace, and so on. All information is sent wirelessly to a computer, or to an iPhone or Android device, where a special application from Sensoria Fitness is downloaded.

The use of “smart” socks will help the athlete and his trainer to work out the optimal length, height and cadence, calculate the calories expended and even determine the place where the foot will step in real time. In addition, the program compares several athletes with similar characteristics and helps to achieve maximum results.

Taking into account the different tastes of athletes, the production of bracelets in four colors is envisaged - black, white, pink and blue. In the future, the company plans to release similar socks for cycling, golf, football, skiing and other sports.