Chinese gamer invested $ 1.4 million in his character - and almost lost it

A local court in Sichuan city considered a case that Chinese lawyers chose to present as an excellent example of the importance of protecting their digital assets. Since we are living in a new era, then we need to think in a new way. Not as an anonymous player in the MMORPG Justice Online.

The South China Morning Post reports that this gamer invested $ 1, 4 million in the development of his character in an online game. But he did not keep such a valuable asset and easily "lent" his friend to play. He gave that full control of the character, and in return received black ingratitude - a friend, now a former, demanded 388, 000 yuan ($ 55, 000) for the return of the account.

The unfortunate gamer refused to pay, despite the difference between the amount of his investment and the named ransom. And then the extortionist went to the platform for trading in gaming values ​​NetEase. However, he didn't get enough sleep after a long game session, and therefore made a typo and put the pumped character up for sale for only 3888 yuan ($ 550). And before he came to his senses, someone had already quickly acquired it.

The court ordered NetEase to cancel all transactions made in this case. The account returned to the original owner, but he had to pay 90, 000 yuan ($ 12, 800) in compensation to the buyer, who received the valuable asset legally. Now lawyers are deciding what to do with the blackmailer, and he may well get a prison sentence. And this whole story is widely covered by the Chinese media as an example of the need to closely monitor your digital assets. Especially if you have already invested $ 1.5 million in them.