How scientists "taught to walk" the largest dinosaur

For many decades, paleontologists could not understand how ancient dinosaurs weighing tens of tons moved along the earth. Digital technology and the remains of the Argentinosaurus, one of the largest members of the dinosaur family, helped lift the veil of secrecy.

The problem was that only a small part of the skeleton remained from it - a fragment of a leg and several vertebrae. With the help of complex calculations, all the missing parts of the body were restored. The ancient animal had truly gigantic dimensions - a length of 40 meters and a weight of over 80 tons, which corresponds to the weight of about 15 modern elephants. According to scientists, having such dimensions, the dinosaur was unable not only to walk, but even to move.

After a digital model of the bones and muscles of the Argentinosaurus was reproduced, scientists, using a powerful computer, began to "teach him to walk" with minimal energy expenditure, as all animals do. After that, the pattern of movement was calculated, corresponding to his body.

The truth is still a mystery how the animal got up from the ground after resting or falling, and how it behaved at the moment of mating.