The USA finally legalized the processing of the dead into compost

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed legislation authorizing the composting of the remains of deceased people as an alternative to traditional burial. The procedure itself is called "natural organic processing", but the law also contains an additional measure for alkaline hydrolysis of bodies. It will enter into force a year later, in May 2020.

More important than the authorities' decision is the publication by Recompose of the detailed terms of the composting procedure. At the moment, she is a de facto monopoly in this area and the only owner of a full cycle technology. In the United States, the service will cost $ 5, 000, which is more expensive than cremation, but cheaper than conventional burial. This is partly why the law provides for an alternative in the form of alkaline hydrolysis - this is a cheaper method of getting rid of bodies.

Recompose claims that the special microfauna for composting chambers dissolves bones, teeth enamel, and any solid parts of human bodies. Fillings, prostheses, implants will be removed and sent for disposal, this is the responsibility of the company. But instead of the previously promised whole cubic meter of fertilizers, the relatives receive only a part of the compost (as stated, "the best"), the composition of which is no worse than the prepared fertile soil. The rest remains the property of the company and will be used for planting green spaces, for ennobling the territory where the park of composting plants is located.