The project of the young inventor of cleaning the ocean from plastic waste continues

We have already written about the young Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, who proposed a bold project to clean up the world's oceans from plastic waste. The project was continued - a reduced prototype of the invention is already ready, which will soon be sent for testing.

The young inventor's idea is pretty simple. He suggests erecting 100 km V-shaped barriers across ocean currents. The barriers consist of rubber inflatable three-meter buoy-like cushions connected to each other.

The finished 100-meter prototype of the barrier will be tested this week in the North Sea, 23 km off the coast of the Netherlands. The goal of the project is to stop the movement of plastic waste, then collect it in one place and send it for recycling.

For reference. Up to eight million tons of plastic waste ends up in the world's oceans every year. According to ecologists, the main accumulations of floating debris are concentrated in five giant garbage "spots" scattered in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii, which is largely due to the eddies of ocean currents.