Bill Gates Supports Synthetic Meat Growing Project Using CRISPR

Test-tube meat that has been grown from animal cells under laboratory conditions is no longer news. CRISPR genome editing technology is also not new, which allows you to make changes to DNA. Now scientists have tried to combine the two technologies to achieve completely new results.

According to Business Insider, at least two startups are currently experimenting with growing meat using CRISPR. Journalists of the publication discovered two patents of the food company Memphis Meats (USA) for the production of "laboratory" meat with the support of well-known billionaire entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Scientists openly declare the high quality of the future "laboratory" meat with an edited genome. In particular, it does not require the nutrient-rich "germ bovine serum" that is prepared from the blood of slaughtered cows specifically for growing "meat from a test tube." Such a measure, according to scientists, will help change the attitude towards meat food even for animal rights defenders.