Rooftop solar panels in California will make a must

The California Building Standards Commission has backed the initiative to introduce new energy standards for residential buildings. Officials are preparing to introduce a new law that will oblige from 2020 to build new homes in the state with a set of solar panels on the roof and a thermal insulation system.

The good idea of ​​ridding the state of energy from fossil raw materials quickly turned into a scandalous project, the discussion of which took more than 15 months and is not officially finished yet. It quickly became clear that it was impossible to completely transfer all objects to solar energy, it would be enough for a maximum of 40% of the consumption rate. This means that we will have to continue to burn the gas. Moreover, in mountainous areas there are many shaded areas, so isolated zones had to be introduced without the obligation to generate energy from the sun.

The official cost of the rise in the cost of building a single-family home by $ 10, 000 after the adoption of new standards, builders call "out of touch with reality." In the calculations of officials, a set of batteries costs $ 8, 4 thousand, and in estimates it is one and a half times higher, excluding installation costs. Insulation requirements to make the structure energy efficient threaten to put an end to the rapid restoration of villages burnt down in fires. Insurance companies are not ready to change their valuation methods. And the builders state that it is possible to keep within the construction of the building in $ 1.5 thousand according to the new standard only at the cost of total savings on everything else.

The main problem is that scanty flows of energy from solar panels cannot be supplied directly to an air conditioner or a boiler, it will have to be delivered to the general power grid in order to offset it with the electricity consumed from there. These are new, traditionally onerous contracts with energy companies, new tariffs, new restrictions on population migration. House prices in California are already the highest in the country, and new regulations further narrow people's choices about where to live. However, big business is determined and calls the initiative a "historic commitment" that will turn California into a "beacon for the entire nation."