Black Silicon Solar Panels Reach Record Efficiency

Just a few years ago, a team of scientists from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) managed to create solar cells based on black silicon with a record efficiency of 22%. Today, thanks to the help of European colleagues and a number of industrial enterprises, the first prototypes of future serial solar panels have already been manufactured.

The goal of Finnish scientists was to improve optical surfaces so that additional antireflection coatings did not need to be applied to them. True, there were some concerns associated with the extreme fragility of the resulting products.

Fortunately, these fears were not confirmed. The finished black silicon solar cells and modules are not damaged during production. The best examples show an efficiency of over 20%. In addition to excellent optical properties, they have a high material purity and greater long-term stability than standard cells.

The question naturally arises about the cost of producing black silicon. According to the research participants, its high cost will be compensated by the serial production of solar panels with increased efficiency.