Google completes rollout of new RSC service replacing SMS

Google announced a triumphant event - the completion of the first round of struggle with American mobile operators to replace the outdated SMS and MMS standards with a new universal RSC (Rich Communications Services). It is intended for Android devices and, in fact, implements all the functions of the earlier iMessage. To use RSC, you do not need special applications - only a phone number, but so far its coverage is limited to the United States.

The creation of the RSC service has been an important goal for Google for many years, as due to the imperfection of Android, users were forced to send messages via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Now a thing of the past, RSC lets you send messages over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, add people to group conversations, know when people are typing, inform others that you've read their message, and share high quality photos.

Among the shortcomings of the standard, one can note the lack of end-to-end encryption and any fundamentally new functions. The arrival of the RSC simply fixes the old big Android problem, but Apple has already said it has no intention of supporting the new standard. It is not very clear why users should abandon their usual chat applications in favor of innovation. In addition, the United States is only one region, and Google has not yet received clear proposals for the international deployment of the standard.