League of Legends World Championship Opens with Holographic Hip-Hop Concert

At the opening of the League of Legends esports championship in Paris, Riot hosted a special concert featuring virtual performers. More precisely, the audience did not understand where the truth is - on the stage, combined with a giant screen, there were both live artists and numerous holographic images. Only the name of the new Riot media team is unambiguously known: "True Damage".

It looks like Riot is starting a new tradition - last year the virtual K-pop music group K / DA performed at a similar event. Its members were borrowed from the League of Legends game itself, their real singers were voiced, and the concert itself was held using elements of augmented reality. The composition "Pop / stars" performed at that time received 270 million views on YouTube and entered the game Beat Saber.

This year the team of performers is mixed. True Damage is an in-game music team that was introduced earlier this year. It includes live performers and their numerous virtual copies, which perform simultaneously, but in a complex rhythm, giving the audience very unusual sensations. The whole show is built on a combination of real singing and dancing, virtual effects and numerous holograms. It is noted that the designers of the Louis Vuitton brand worked on the outfit of the performers.