Meditation apps attract staggering venture capital investments

Young people at all times face difficulties and stress as they enter adulthood. The difference between the millennial generation in this case is that they are used to looking for help in networks and gadgets. Many topical applications have been created for these purposes, and now there is an unprecedented surge of interest in various meditation guides.

The true causes of stress are not so important, and what exactly the user wants to achieve, he is guaranteed to be offered applications for his request. Just because investments in this area are now flowing like a river, venture capitalists strive to make money and are investing more and more. Recently, the Apps Headspace project attracted $ 78 million, and the Calm project - $ 88 million in investments, while the total capitalization of the latter has already approached $ 1 billion. With such finances, there is no problem to invite Hollywood stars to voice texts for meditations, and to hum the mantras of the Grammy Award winners.

A feature of meditation apps is the extremely low cost of supporting projects. For example, the Oak application already has about 140, 000 users, but the costs of its creators do not exceed $ 7, 000 per month. An annual subscription to such services will cost the nervous student $ 50-100, without having to hire a team of professionals to release big and bright updates every season. More precisely, it is necessary to release it, but several specialists will cope with this. Unlike games or multimedia projects, which also serve to relieve stress, but are much more expensive to create new releases.